Digital Nomad Beginner’s Guide

Module 1 What to Know Before Starting
Unit 1 Welcome video
Unit 2 How does the Course Work & What to Expect
Unit 3 Intro to mindset
Unit 4 Entrepreneur for life mindset
Unit 5 The Travel Philosophy Mindset
Unit 6 The YOLO mindset
Unit 7 4 Hour Work Week mindset
Unit 8 The Millionaire business owner mindset
Unit 9 The Digital Nomad Long-term Mindset
Unit 10 Assignment: Share Your Why
Module 2 Transitioning to a Remote Career/Lifestyle
Unit 1 When to quit your job?
Unit 2 Should you quit your job and move abroad?
Unit 3 How to save money at home?
Unit 4 How to negotiate a remote work agreement?
Unit 5 How to tell your parents?
Unit 6 How to tell your friends?
Unit 7 How to deal with your Boyfriend or Girlfriend situation?
Unit 8 How to plan your move abroad?
Unit 9 How to sell your shit?
Unit 10 What about subletting your apartment?
Unit 11 How to find cheap flights?
Module 3 Intro to Business Models
Unit 1 The 3 Categories of Online Work
Unit 2 Getting into Online Business: Setting Expectations
Unit 3 The Location-Independent Entrepreneur
Unit 4 My Online Business Journey
Module 4 Amazon FBA
Unit 1 Amazon FBA Overview
Unit 2 Amazon FBA Steps
Unit 3 Amazon FBA: Resources to Start
Module 5 Digital Marketing Agency
Unit 1 Digital Marketing Agency: Who is it For
Unit 2 Digital Marketing Agency: Business Model Overview
Unit 3 Digital Marketing Agency: Best Resources to Start
Module 6 Freelancing
Unit 1 Freelancing: Business Model Overview
Unit 2 Freelancing: Best Resources to Start
Module 7 Drop Shipping
Unit 1 High-Ticket Dropshipping: Business Model Overview
Unit 2 Low Ticket Dropshipping: Business Model Overview
Unit 3 Retail Arbitrage: Business Model Overview
Module 8 Kindle & Audiobooks
Unit 1 Kindle Publishing: Business Model Overview
Unit 2 Kindle & Audiobooks: Best Resources to Get Started
Module 9 Affiliate Marketing
Unit 1 Affiliate Marketing: Business Model Overview
Unit 2 High Ticket Affiliate Marketing
Unit 3 Affiliate Marketing by being a Blogger or Influencer
Module 10 Influencer / Personal Brand Business
Unit 1 Being an Influencer: Business Model Overview
Unit 2 Starting a YouTube channel
Unit 3 Starting a Website
Module 11 Niche Websites
Unit 1 Building SEO Authority Sites: Business Model Overview
Module 12 Creating Online Courses
Unit 1 Online Courses: Business Model Overview
Module 13 Saas & Apps
Unit 1 Saas & Apps: Business Model Overview
Module 14 Be a Remote Employee
Unit 1 How to Negotiate a Remote Work Agreement?
Unit 2 How Rainier is by doing real estate remotely (interview)
Module 15 Business Models Outro
Unit 1 Business Models Wrap-Up: Choose a Biz Model & Advanced Course
Module 16 Side Hustle Hacking
Unit 1 How to Live That Life?
Unit 2 The Side Hustle: Overview
Unit 3 Side Hustle Hack #1
Unit 4 Side Hustle Hack #2
Unit 5 Side Hustle Hack #3
Unit 6 Side Hustle Hack #4
Unit 7 More Side Hustle Tips
Unit 8 Summary from Side Hustle
Module 17 Planning Your Blast Off Abroad
Unit 1 Top 5 Digital Nomad cities
Unit 2 What is Travel Hacking?
Unit 3 How to handle the Visa Situation?
Unit 4 Visa Options for Thailand
Unit 5 Visa Options for Bali/Indonesia
Unit 6 Visa Options for Vietnam
Unit 7 Visa Options for Columbia
Unit 8 How to find where to live?
Unit 9 Renting weekly vs monthly vs long term
Module 18 BONUS: Living Abroad Mastery
Unit 1 Living Abroad in One Place for Weeks vs. Months vs. Years
Unit 2 How to Access Travel Boss Toolbox
Unit 3 How and why to connect with locals?
Unit 4 Dating tips when living abroad
Unit 5 Tinder tips abroad
Unit 6 Having a girlfriend abroad vs being single
Unit 7 General things to avoid when abroad
Unit 8 General things I wish I knew sooner
Unit 9 Travel Insurance - Should you get it?
Unit 10 How to meet fellow entrepreneurs and Digital Nomads?
Unit 11 How to eat healthy when traveling?
Unit 12 How to live on a tight budget?
Unit 13 What are the best app that I use?
Unit 14 Motorbikes
Unit 15 Tips on avoiding ATM fees
Unit 16 Do you need a foreign bank account when you're moving abroad?
Unit 17 How to find the right gym?
Unit 18 How to find places to eat, drink and hang out?
Unit 19 All about airport tips
Unit 20 How to stay fit while traveling abroad?
Module 19 BONUS: Canggu Guide
Unit 1 Canggu Bali Guide
Unit 2 What's good with Bali?
Unit 3 Can you live in Bali with less than $1000/month?
Unit 4 Getting around in Bali
Unit 5 What is the best place to stay in Bali?
Unit 6 Accommodation
Unit 7 Things to do
Unit 8 Co-working spaces and Cafes
Unit 9 Bars and Nightclubs
Unit 10 Gyms in Canggu
Unit 11 Must eat food
Unit 12 My thoughts on UBUD
Module 20 BONUS: Ubud Guide
Unit 1 Dogs in Ubud
Unit 2 Recommended villas in Ubud
Unit 3 Must eat in Ubud
Unit 4 Cafes to work at in Ubud
Unit 5 Ultimate luxury in Ubud
Unit 6 Nightlife in Ubud
Unit 7 What to do in Ubud?
Unit 8 Ubud - Lay of the land
Unit 9 Gyms in Ubud
Unit 10 Ubud - Is it worth it?
Unit 11 Scooters in Ubud
Module 21 BONUS: Travel Workouts
Unit 1 The 300 workout - Welcome video
Unit 2 Why am I starting this 300 workout tribe?
Unit 3 The 300 Workout - What is it?
Unit 4 How to do Pushups, Sit-ups & Squads?
Unit 5 Philosophy of Stretching
Unit 6 My favourite pre-workout
Unit 7 Live follow me as I do 300
Unit 8 Real time 300 workout 2
Unit 9 Live workout with friends 3
Unit 10 Stretching 300 while you're waiting for your flight
Unit 11 Follow me as I do 300 workout
Unit 12 300 workout by the side of your bed
Unit 13 My morning routine
Unit 14 Bedroom workout
Unit 15 300 Workout by the beach
Unit 16 Workout at the gym
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